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8 ways to invest in real estate. What is the most profitable yas acres ?

Experts of the analytical center "Indicators of housing market" had appreciated the most accessible and common ways of investing in real estate from the point of view of their profitability and riskiness.

Method 1. To rent a room. Since the property now — purchase not from cheap, to invest money in it not everyone can. Hence, the optimal variant — to buy yas acres not the whole apartment, but part of that is the room. In the capital, such a purchase will cost about 50 thousand dollars. The average price of rent, the money will come back to you in 5-10 years, that is income will be 10-20% per annum. This is much higher than the yield from renting the whole apartment (about 5% per year), and the apartment is worth a lot more — 160-200 thousand dollars.

invest in real estate yas acres

Method 2. To buy the land. The price is lower on the order of 2 thousand dollars for the station. However, it is risky in the long term — expensive way of attachment. A suitable land hard to find and to privatize, and permanent income it does not guarantee. However, there is a chance that in the near future, areas around the cities will rise significantly in price (15-20%) due to the development of cottage construction. And to spend money for the maintenance of the land to maintain in proper condition, as the apartment, to repair and to pay for utility services, for example — is not necessary.

Method 3. Become equity holders. A few years ago, buying apartment on the stage of construction of the house allowed to save up to 30% of its price. Now the situation has changed — developers are trying to sell their goods at the same value at all stages of its development, that is, to save some real estate investors fail. However, analysts believe that in the difficult situation in which to put the builders of the crisis, developers will offer substantial discounts for "secondary" — up to 15%. Accordingly, when your apartment is built and finished, you will be able to sell it more expensive than bought.

ATTENTION! The stories of defrauded investors we've all heard enough. Therefore, even without analysts not hard to know what to invest in "secondary" — a risky business.

Method 4. To purchase a housing certificate. Housing certificate is a paper certifying your property for a certain living space in a newly built house, and this area can reach up to 1 square meter. When the house will be finished, you can exchange the certificate or the corresponding amount of money (the price by the end of construction will increase) or an apartment — of course, with a surcharge at a new price. As a shared construction, this method allows to save on the difference in the cost of "secondary" and "primary."

What is the most profitable

ATTENTION! If you do not intend to resell acquired the certificate area, and want her to live this way is even more risky than equity construction. Because it is not the fact that in the house there is the apartment corresponding to the area of your certificates. In addition, the construction — a long process, and in the short term, real estate prices in Russia could seriously fall. So, you will be able to sell the certificate for something and bought it. On the other hand, inflation your money will not eat.

Method 5. To invest in the closed PIFs of real estate. This is a fairly new tool. It allows you to invest almost any amount and receive from it dividends. Control scheme for shareholders is absolutely transparent and the yield is up to 100% per annum. However, in the current crisis conditions, this figure can be much lower, and the return on investment is not small — 3 years minimum. Because withdraw your money from a mutual Fund you can not sooner.

Method 6. To invest in foreign mutual Funds. REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) is the analogue of our closed-end mutual Funds real estate. All the money invested in a REIT, they go to the estate of the different countries, to compensate for possible losses in one market with profits in another. Profitability compared to domestic mutual Funds is not very big, but significant for foreign — 5-7% per annum. The minimum investment amount in mutual funds — 1-3 thousand dollars.

ATTENTION! This method of investment analysts believe the best — given the very low risk and relatively high yield.

Method 7. To buy an apartment abroad. In recent time, the media is overflowing with news that Russian millionaires are buying villas in Spain, then London, then somewhere else far away. And it is not surprising millionaires people are mostly not stupid and I know that in Europe real estate is much cheaper than in the same Moscow. Focusing on the powerful, people think, selling average two-bedroom apartment in the capital, you can buy a house in Spain and live happily ever after on the rest of the money.

But the reality is not so simple. First, the paperwork for the purchase of square meters abroad is a long and complicated procedure. Second, many European real estate markets are falling and unlikely to rise in the coming years. So profitable to resell (and actually sell) your purchase you are unlikely. Third, lower investment threshold high — from 100 thousand to 300 thousand dollars. Fourthly, for the maintenance of the bought apartment or house you have to pay the state in taxes and public utilities for their services. And in Europe and the U.S. these figures are much higher than in Russia.

Method 8. To buy abroad the earth. It is much cheaper. The lower boundary of the investment — 15 thousand dollars. Yes, and more profitable to resell the plot once it will want to build something, you can 20-25% more expensive. But now it's too risky: demand for property, and شقق للبيع في ابوظبي therefore land, in Europe and the United States is quite small.


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