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How to avoid home buying fraud

The natural desire to buy the chosen apartment as soon as possible before another one is intercepted, sometimes leads to deplorable results. It is almost impossible to foresee the consequences of an insufficiently prepared step.

How to avoid home buying fraud

Making a deal, the buyer needs to be very careful not only when inspecting the future possessions, but, more importantly, when studying the documents for the apartment for sale. If the representative of the seller is too persistent, almost without resistance goes to concessions, you need to be especially careful, to demand all the documents and references, ranging from the title and ending with extracts from the passport office (whether the apartment is not registered in the apartment is someone else) and housing office (whether there are no debts). It would also be useful to ask your neighbors what kind of people live here, whether they have been selling this apartment for a long time and why. If it turns out that the owners of the apartment often change, it is worth thinking about.

The risk of getting caught on the rope of crooks at the buyer of the apartment as much as the seller. For the sake of clarity, let's consider several situations.

Option one. The buyer, he is the new owner of the apartment, enthusiastically engaged in the arrangement of a new nest. Suddenly, a bell at the door (if the new owner has bothered to change the locks) or the appearance on the doorstep of a stranger with the words: "And what are you doing in my apartment?". After clarification of the circumstances, it turns out that the seller "forgot" to mention the right of the unexpected guest to a part of the apartment or considered unlikely the appearance of this relative after a long absence. But the previous owner didn't bother to sign him out.

Option two. The phenomenon of a citizen with documents for the same apartment. Whether he got those documents legally or was the victim of a fraud, the court will find out. And while the court car is slowly, sometimes for years, looking for the right and the guilty, the apartment will be arrested, and the buyer can be evicted from it at any time.

Option three. The person who sold the apartment and received the money for it was neither the legal owner of the apartment nor the representative of that owner. In this case, even through the court to return the money, let alone become the owner of the apartment is almost impossible.

Disputes on the already bought and, as it seems, issued by all the rules of the apartment is solved in court. Moreover, the decision of the court is not always made in favor of the new owner. And the time of consideration of such cases, as mentioned above, can last for years.

What can you do not stay after buying a house on the street and without money?

How to avoid home buying fraud

Buying an apartment 

A man can't know everything. Therefore, as in other important cases, you madinat jumeirah living  will need at least specialist advice when buying an apartment. Only the person who "ate the dog" on the sale and purchase transactions can advise or correct, competent approach to the execution of documents to protect your client from the encroachment of fraudsters.

The most reasonable action for the buyer of the apartment is to conclude a contract with a solid and reliable real estate agency, to conduct the sale of the transaction as a whole or its  la rosa villanova separate stages. The advantage of such a step is obvious: at any moment at hand a connoisseur of his business. Do you need an appraiser? You're welcome! Do yas acres you need a realtor? There he is! There's a lawyer, too. A team like this is the best defense against scammers!


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