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How to quickly and profitably sell an apartment. Mamsha al saadiyat

The change of residence is usually accompanied by a sale of the apartment. Though it is the deal of a personal nature, it requires careful preparation, because there are a lot of money.

Especially things get complicated when the apartment must be sold  quickly and profitably sell home mamsha al saadiyatquickly or within a specific time frame. When, for example, you need to buy yourself another home, which you already found.

In such cases, you won't have time for a long period for hits flat and you will be reserved in the auction with potential buyer. In this article we will explain how to most quickly and profitably sell an apartment.

Step 1. Preparing for the sale

The process of preparation for the transaction is important, so try carefully to approach him.

Features of the property such as location, infrastructure, General living space, size of rooms, layout of the apartment will not have the desired effect, if the apartment is in bad condition.

Of course to overhaul does mamsha al saadiyat not make sense, but to invest in cosmetic repairs necessary to keep the appearance made an impression on a potential buyer. It will be worth a penny, but the effect will be much more.

A small painting of pipes, fresh Wallpaper and curtains, washed the tile already will significantly increase the demand for your apartment. Please note that the furniture needs to be renovated and clean. Try to get rid of the old old stuff before you run an ad and start the viewings.

Step 2. The calculated market value of the apartment

This step is important as it will give you an understanding of the level of prices from which you can start.

And you should know how much money you need. For example, you want to sell the old house and just buy new, where will need to make repairs. In this case, try to get estimates all expenses, write them on paper. So, you will distinctly understand the amount of the sale.

In General, you have in mind there should be three amounts: the maximum, average and minimum. And regardless of which of these levels will be sold flat, it will give you the opportunity to obtain the necessary funds to perform the planned.

Step 3. The promotion of advertisement of your apartment

Knowing how much you want to get money for his apartment, start advertising.

You can hire a realtor, then basic is rests on his shoulders. Note that you can have exclusive agreement to sell your property with one realtor. But in our case, when we need to quickly and profitably sell an apartment, this is not an option.

We therefore agree with several realtors, who are the first to find a good buyer for your apartment, and he will get your Commission.

However, it is better to check how these professionals promote ads and to connect to this process.

Remember, the realtor is interested as quickly as possible to sell your apartment, and therefore will try to bring down the asking price. When selecting realtors, be careful not to fall for scams.

Home sell

So, first of all need to create a concise ad copy. This Declaration must also contain all the important information about your apartment.

In addition to technical information, it is worth to mention the surrounding infrastructure, Park, school, kindergarten, shopping malls, entertainment complexes and more. And it is important to make a quality photo, the more the better.

Next you need to place this announcement on the maximum number of resources.

Today there are many online services where you can advertise the sale of apartments, in particular, olx, aviso, dom.ria and others. On these resources for a fee to bring in tops for your ad to within a short time saw a large number of people.

Also you can advertise in specialized publications. All of these options will require at least minimal, but costs

Do not ignore the now very popular group "buy-sell" in Facebook, where an ad can be placed for free, and then tasherit on his personal page and other similar groups.

Step 4. Home visits in your apartment and receipt of the Deposit

Through the first three steps, prepare for the fact that your apartment will begin to attack the crowd, wanting to see her. For this pre-negotiate with realtors on specific time and days when you will be convenient to show the apartment.

When the view try to create a relaxed and easy atmosphere. Do not impose the one, try in a polite and calm manner to answer all his questions, even if they are inconvenient for you.

One of the most effective hacking is the so-called hits in the form of "auctions". To do this, at the same time bring to view several buyers.

The one who really wants to buy your apartment, seeing such a large number of other buyers will perceive them as competitors and will be ready at once to give a Deposit for an aparment at a higher price.

But be prepared for the fact that unscrupulous realtors can arrange for a fake "auction", citing several buyers fake and one real, who will know about it and to bring down the price.

Here, an important life skill - not in a hurry to make discounts while browsing, wait until the شقق للبيع في ابوظبي buyer name his price, maybe it will be better than you expected.

Step 5. The transaction at the notary

Usually after receiving a Deposit from a buyer is given two weeks to prepare the apartment for the transaction at the notary.

You need to leave the apartment, to pay all bills for utilities and rent for confirm receipts, to obtain a certificate that the apartment is not among the children.

Also in advance make sure to find a reliable notary who will draw up a contract of sale, by making appropriate changes in the register of owners of real estate.

Very often, the realtors already have notaries that they have been working.

Usually in the office at the notary takes full payment for the apartment, therefore, it is desirable that he had an adding machine with the appropriate technical equipment for the determination of counterfeit banknotes. Also alert the buyer that the bills were in good condition, otherwise the Bank then will not accept them.



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